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Guest Post | Emoji Tag (Harry Potter Universe)

There's a lot of posts and videos going around the book community, doing the Emjoi tag. Well, I thought I'd do one for some Harry Potter characters.

First of all, we have Harry, who is angry for approximately 75-83% of the series, so this angry face emoji fits him just perfectly.


Next up is Hermione, aka one of the most badass book heroines to ever happen. We all especially loved her when she whacked Draco Malfoy in the face after he insulted Hagrid, so that's why she gets awarded the punchy emoji.


The final third of the Golden Trio is Ronald Bilius Weasley. I puzzled for a while over what emoji would suit him, until it came to me. The dog emoji goes to Ron, due to his Patronus being a Jack Russell terrier (this looks sort of like a terrier, right?)


The emoji goes to- "Wait until my father hears about this!" Yeah, yeah Malfoy, shut up. The next emoji is Malfoy, and it's moneybags because the Malfoys are obviously loaded like a baked potato.


This next one was a toss-up between Nearly-Headless-Nick - or as he prefers to be called, Sir Nicholas De Mimsy-Porpington - or Moaning Myrtle. However, the ghost emoji is too happy to be Myrtle, so Nick won on this one.

nearly headless nick

I wanted to do one last one, and as soon as I saw this emoji, it immediately called to me as one particular character.

"Where's my Won-Won?!"


This post was written by guest blogger Rebecca who blogs over at Shihtzu Book Reviews!

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