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Group Collaboration | Sight vs Sound: Audiobooks Discussion


Welcome to May's group post! We're taking on a bit of a debate this month and delving into the topic of Audiobooks.

Though the hotter topic of e-books vs paperbacks rages on, there's another digital competitor for our beloved books. The humble Audiobook has been around since the early 20th Century, but with the uptake in the use of services like Audible and thousands of books available to listen to on Amazon and iTunes it's now easier than ever to access them.

We thought we'd get our bloggers to share their thoughts on Audiobooks, whether or not they listen to them and why?

may-audiobooks-alexandra may-audiobooks-ria may-audiobooks-joshua may-audiobooks-cat may-audiobooks-anjali

*header image and playlist logos via Pixabay

Let us know your thoughts on Audiobooks too in the comments below! 

Our June group post is all about creating musical playlists for your favourite books! If you'd like more information about getting involved email us at or tweet @blog_bookshelf

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