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Numbers | Rachel Ward | Review

Numbers is the first book in a science fiction trilogy where the main character Jem can look into anybodies eyes and she sees the date they will die. Uncomfortable with her 'abilities', Jem has always been a loner, passed from foster home to foster home she's never really felt like anybody cared for her. Until she met Spider, a lanky outsider with a bit of a BO problem. When Jem's abilities come out into the open after an event unfolds in central London, she decides to run alongside Spider and go on a road trip that is action-packed and will have you turning page after page. 

The main dislike I had about this book was how stupid the characters were. Naive seems the wrong word although I guess they were that too, but their decisions just didn't make any sense - even for young school kids. The way they behaved, the choices they made and even the way they spoke just annoyed me quite a lot and it made me question if they would survive in the real world as they seemed to in the book. Secondly, I disliked the way the events that unfolded just weren't that realistic, putting aside the sci-fi element of course. Going into more detail about the ways in which it was unrealistic would be a spoiler so I'll just leave it at that but it was an aspect of the book that infuriated me and I couldn't look past it to enjoy the rest of the story.

Overall, this book was just kind of meh. Thankfully, it was short so I could whip through it but the ending surprised me and in the last chapter, a lot of new questions arose and made me curious to see how the rest of the series would pan out. 

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