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Features | Colouring Books For Grown Ups!

One of the latest trends to hit the shelves of bookshops everywhere is colouring books for adults. These nostalgic titles are becoming increasingly popular as both a fun and stress-reliving activity and in recent months we've seen them featured all over the place with lots of different themed versions to choose from.

With this in mind I've had a little look around and picked out a small selection of ideas for those who are unsure where to start. So, if you're in the market for a unique gift for a friend or family member or even as a little treat for yourself, here are a few of our top colouring book picks...

colour me good

The 'Colour Me Good' Series (Mel Elliot)
This series is perfect for those who love all things entertainment and includes a whole range of different titles such as individual colouring books featuring famous faces like Kate Moss, Ryan Gosling, Taylor Swift and Benedict Cumberbatch. Others from the same series include the various 'Color Me Swoon' editions featuring a selection of male celebrities as well as themed books such as different decades, record covers, movies and fashion.

secret garden book

Secret Garden & Enchanted Forest (Johanna Basford)
These beautifully illustrated nature-inspired titles are not only colouring books but are also treasure hunts as they include lists of items to find hidden within the pages. Created by British author Johanna Basford, Secret Garden is one of the top-sellers when it comes to adult colouring books and with such detailed and eye-catching artwork it's easy to see why.

animal kingdom

Animal Kingdom (Millie Marotta)
Similarly to Secret Garden, the illustrations featured in this book are both beautiful and intricate. Rather than just sharing traditional drawings of the animals, here each one has been created using a variety of detailed designs and patterns, such as flowers, stripes, circles and leaves. A full book of these ornate designs will definitely take you a while to colour in!

tattoo colouring book

The Tattoo Colouring Book & Postcards (Megamunden)
If tattoos are your thing you'll love these books which feature a huge variety of bold and unique designs. Although not presented in a traditional colouring book format, the postcards are perfect for a little colouring on the go and would certainly help to keep you amused on a long train journey or flight!

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Are you a fan of adult colouring books?

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