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Book Club | Some Changes For 2021 + Printable Reading List

After two years of a monthly book club prompt here at BB, we've decided to switch things up a bit for the new year and follow a different format in 2021... 

We've put together a list of 24 prompts covering a variety of challenges and how you choose to use our book club list is totally up to you! Try and tick off all 24, mix and match your favourite 12 for a monthly prompt, use them to create your own bingo sheets, or just dip in and out whenever you wish; there are no rules here! 

We've tried to include a nice mix of prompts, including a few which are great for seasonal readers, so there should be something for everyone. As always you're free to interpret the prompts however you wish but we encourage you to take the opportunity to diversify your TBR, discovering new authors, genres and generally stepping outside of your reading comfort zones.

Just like in previous years, we would love for you to share your mini reviews, photos etc with us over on Instagram using #bloggersbookshelf 

This year we would also like to invite you to share full reviews here on BB as guest reviewers so there's even more opportunities to get involved! Further information on how to share a guest review will be provided in an upcoming blog post as well as over on our Instagram page soon, but you can also send any enquiries regarding guest posting to

Here on the blog, this change means our usual monthly book club intro and roundup posts won't be making an appearance in 2021, but we do have some other exciting things planned. Keep an eye out through the year for lists of suggested reads for some of the prompts, as well as updates on the books Team BB have read as part of thier personal BB book club challenges.

We really hope that you'll join us for another year of the BB book club however you choose to do so. Below you'll find the 2021 prompts list which can be printed or saved to your computer/phone/tablet. Happy reading and we'll see you in 2021! 

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