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Me Being Me Is Exactly As Insane As You Being You | Todd Hasak-Lowy | Review

Me Being Me is about Darren, a teenager who is going through a lot of teenager-y things. When his father shows up one morning with some huge news, Darren's whole world is turned upside down. But there is something entirely different about this book...

Me Being Me is written entirely in lists, which at first I found interesting and endearing but as the book went on, I felt like it would never end. To tell a story entirely in lists, it means you have a lot of lists and a lot of pages - so the idea got old real quick and I felt myself being a bit bored of the lists and that took away my enjoyment when following the actual story. 

Darren didn't have a personality. Like, at all. He was rude, boring and even the romance storyline was dull and pointless. I didn't enjoy my time reading this book and if it wasn't in lists, it would have an even lower rating. The lists added a unique, yet drawn-out, dynamic to the book that almost made dragging myself to the last page worthwhile. However, this book wasn't for me and I wouldn't recommend picking it up.

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