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The News Round-Up #1

Hi there! Joshua here, and I'm excited to be starting this brand new scheme here with Blogger's Bookshelf! Because, every two weeks, I get to bring you the biggest news from the world of books and you get to read it here! I'm hoping I do a good job of it as well, but without further ado, let's get started!

This year, you may have heard that YALC, the Young Adult Literature Convention, returns for 2015, and the full author line up has been announced! I myself happen to be heading to YALC on the Saturday this year, and this year's line up consists of people like Carrie Hope Fletcher, Annabel Pitcher, Derek Landy, Cassandra Clare, Holly Bourne, Patrick Ness and so many other incredible authors! I for one am incredibly excited for YALC this year and tickets are still available! You can read about the line up here and book your tickets here!

YALC not your thing? Well, do you know about Non Pratt? YA Book Prize nominated author Non Pratt is due to have her second book released next year by Walker, but the news came just this week that she's been signed to release two more books with Walker! I loved Trouble, which if you're not familiar with it, is a book about a teenage pregnancy but dealt with in the most sensitive way I've ever seen it treated, and I certainly am excited to read Non Pratt's next books as well! You can read more about the announcement at The Bookseller here!

Still not got some news you like the look of yet? Well, how about the 10th (yes, the tenth!) Diary Of A Wimpy Kid novel's cover being released? Being released in the UK on the 3rd November, the cover for Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Old School was released in a live webcast from New York on the 27th April, and for the fastest seller of 2014, you can only imagine the sort of success Old School will get!
Cover sourced from Goodreads
Now, let's talk Zoella. Do you remember Girl Online, the phenomenal debut from Zoe Sugg that sold the most copies in it's first week of any debut novel, and then we found out it was actually co-authored between her and Siobhan Curham? And we all got super angry about it because we were basically lied to? Well, a while ago, Amazon listed Girl Online 2, without any cover or official title, but still up for pre-order? Zoella released a vlog not long ago, and revealed that this time, she'd be going it alone: just her and Amy Alward (who, by the way, actually has her own book coming out this spring, called The Potion Diaries). Want to know more about this really quite exciting announcement? Here's Zoella's vlog, where she explains a bit more about it:

So what amazing books have been released in the last few weeks? Here are some of my favourites, and I've left you a link to a place where you can buy it (probably Waterstone's) and a place where you can read (or watch!) someone else's thoughts on them!
That's it from me! I'm back in two weeks time to cover some more news from the world of books right here! Got any suggestions? What else would you like to see in the news round up? Email and let us know!

See you in a fortnight!

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