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Features | How I track my reading - Bullet Journalling

As a kid I used to be a part of a reading challenge with my local library, the challenge was to read 6 books over the 6 week summer holidays. We had little booklets to track them with and each week we'd have a librarian check them over and give us a sticker if we were on track. At the end of the 6 weeks if we managed to reach our target we got a reading challenge medal!

Nowadays the targets are a little higher with my reading challenges, this year I'm planning on 45 books. For the past 4 years, I've been increasing it by five books a year and I've been hitting it each time so fingers crossed I make it! Not only do I track my reading on Goodreads but I also use my bullet journal.

Above is the tracker I have for this year, although I will say this photo was taken in March so quite a few books have been added to it since then. Why I do this as well as tracking on Goodreads I hear you ask?

It's cuz it looks damn pretty that's why. Plus it's easier to look back on. Last years page I can easily flip back on whenever I like and see all the books I read instead of figuring out dates and months on Goodreads. As well as the problems when it comes to rereading! I've lost track how many times I've read Harry Potter and it's hard to keep track of that on Goodreads.

Of all the trackers in my bullet journal, which is a lot as I do like to track, this is probably my second favourite page behind my mood tracker!

Do you just use Goodreads to track your reading, or do you use something else? 

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