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BB Book Club | May 2018 Roundup | The Skeleton's Holiday

This year we decided to launch our very own online book club, with a new book for you to join us in reading every month. May's title, selected by Ria, was The Skeleton's Holiday a short story collection from the Penguin Modern Classics collection. Here's our May infographic to tell you a little bit more...

Reader's comments and favourite quotes:

"So I smell a bit strong, what? Well I don't eat cakes!" Whereupon it tore off it's face and ate it.

"I'd recommend this book, but only to people who would appreciate the strangeness of it. The surreal genre is incredibly weird, and a bit morbid, but sort of delightful at the same time. I guess fables are like that." - Anjali @ This Splendid Shambles

"I love how surreal and a bit weird all the stories were." -  Ria @ Thoroughly Modern Millenial

The skeleton was as happy as a madman whose straightjacket had been taken off.

"It was a really interesting collection of stories, and also a bit disturbing!" - Cat

"It was a nice quick read!" - Sophie @ Sofilly

It was two cabbages having a terrible fight. They were tearing each other's leaves off with such ferocity that soon there was nothing but torn leaves everywhere and no cabbages.

Thank you to everyone who read along with us this month! If you would like to get involved with next month's BB Book Club check back here tomorrow where Sophie will be introducing her selection for June.

You can also sign up to our mailing list to make sure you don't miss out on any future book club updates!

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