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I fancied doing something a little different today so I thought I would share some of my deepest, darkest secrets with you all today. Yep, today I'm talking about my bookish confessions.

Being a book blogger, there is a certain pressure to meet expectations. You should have endless shelves of pristine books. Those shelves will be beautifully organised, perhaps by colour or genre. They will be filled with all of the newer releases, which you have managed to read all of. Don't forget the classics though - you should have read them too!

That is not how my life looks. For starters, I work a full time job around blogging so I don't have that much time for reading (especially if I want to keep on top of things here and at This Northern Gal). I also don't have the money or shelf space to keep on top of all of the newest books. Things look decidedly less polished outside of the internet!

Here are my confessions. Try not to judge me too hard.

  1. I don't like Austen (though I didn't mind Northanger Abbey).
  2. I'm not really a fan of Shakespeare either.
  3. I don't like romance. I avoid A LOT of popular books because of this.
  4. I write in my books. I know, I know but I just can't help it. In my defence, I don't do this to all of my books.
  5. I fold corners.
  6. I would never, ever fold a corner in someone else's book.
  7. My shelves are a mess. There are books crammed into every available space and no real system.
  8. I have series where the covers don't match.

What are your bookish confessions? Comment below or tweet me to join in!

Kelly x

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