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The Good Girls | Sara Shepard | Review

** The Good Girls is the second book in a series - this review contains spoilers for The Perfectionists **

The Good Girls picks up where The Perfectionists left off with the girls accused of murdering creepy teacher Granger and still unsure of just what happened to Nolan, the boy they played a prank on the night he died. As the novel progresses the girls realise that someone must have gotten their hands on the list they made that fateful day in film studies class when other names included also turn up injured or worse. The girls have no idea who might have overheard them or found their list of 'enemies' but with all eyes on them they have to find out before it's too late.

Having enjoyed getting to know a little about each of the characters in the first book I loved learning more about their personalities in the sequel. Just like the first book the chapters alternate between the five girls' different points of view, exploring each of their individual stories as well as the murders bringing them all together. Due to the switching of perspectives and volume of main characters it can be tricky to get to know them individually but I felt their differences came across a little more in this instalment.

The book ends with a nice albeit fairly predictable twist. I'll admit I suspected it might be the case after finishing the first book but still enjoyed the reveal and finishing this journey with these characters. If you're looking for a quick-to-read teen mystery series this may be the one for you!

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