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Pivot Point | Kasie West | Review

In a world where a hidden paranormal compound exists within a society exactly like ours, inhabitants use advanced technology as part of their daily life to enhance their mind powers they were born with. Addie is a Searcher - when given a choice, she can 'search' the two paths and be shown each alternate future before making a decision. When Addie's parents tell her they're getting a divorce and she must decide whether she would like to stay with her mother inside the compound or go out into the "norm" world with her father and live without her paranormal powers. Carrying out the longest search she has ever done, Addie views the alternate realities of living with each parent over six weeks. 

With alternating chapters switching between the mother-decision and the father-decision, the storylines became slightly harder to distinguish as the book went on. Each story involved the same characters, but in a different way and at times, I lost which future I was reading about and it took a lot of concentration to think through so I could follow each plot. The way the two stories weaved together was interesting and towards the end, I could see how things would make sense in either future. I didn't particularly feel a connection to any of the characters, although I did enjoy reading the story. I felt as though the story focused on the events and less on the characters themselves. By the end, I didn't really feel like I knew Addie, or anybody else in the story. The romantic aspects are quite heavy in both futures, but again I just didn't feel connected to the characters or the romantic interest aspect.

One of the main ways I give star-ratings on my reviews is by how much I enjoyed reading the book, then any comments within my review expand on my actual thoughts. I settled on four stars for this book as it kept me entertained, had twists and turns that I wasn't expecting and was generally an enjoyable read. Pivot Point felt like more of a contemporary with a slight difference in that the characters could use certain mind tricks, it didn't feel like a typical paranormal story so if you're looking at getting into the genre but don't want to start with anything too heavy, I would highly recommend this book. 

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