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Bookish Links #7

1/ Sharing The Love For Re-Reads! - Rebecca shared this great post featuring six of the books she loves to re-read. Are you a fan of revisiting old favourites, or do you prefer to read only new books? Don't forget to let us know in the comments!

2/ One For Aspiring Authors - this short post from Laura discusses how characters are created. Do you plan out every little detail and personality trait of your characters before you start writing? Or do you prefer to let them develop as you go along?

3/ Tips For Reviewers! - in a recent post blogger Jenny shared her best advice on writing reviews. We love learning about other people's processes for writing up their thoughts on a book so this one makes for an interesting read!

4/ Why YA Is Important - obviously we're big fans of the genre here at Blogger's Bookshelf so naturally we really enjoyed reading Zara's post on the importance of YA literature.Why do you read YA? Let us know in the comments!

5/ The Problem With Novellas - as part of her Book Nerd Problems series Debby tackled the subject of mid-series novellas in this post from 2013. Are you a fan of these extra little snippets? Or would you prefer to just wait for the next full-length novel?

6/ Mysterious Reads - in this 'Wordy Wednesday' feature Julia talks about how every story is a mystery, no matter what the genre. Is the fact that all books keep you guessing what will happen next all part of the charm of reading?

7/ What Makes A Book 'Popular'? - in this post over at Reading Teen Becca explores the term 'popular series' by looking at a selection of people's answers to the question 'What is one series that you feel like everyone has read but you?'.

8/ Multi-Format Reading - Josephine shared a really interesting article on multi-format reading and why it works for her. Is this something you do too? We'd love to know!

If you've read or written an interesting bookish article you think our readers would enjoy please let us know - it may be featured in a future post!

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