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Group Collaboration | Our Reading Habits

This month we asked our team about their reading habits. Here's what they had to say about reading goals, routines, books on-the-go and more!

Do you have a set reading routine?

Cat: I don’t really have any set reading routine, generally it depends on the book when and how often I’ll read it.

Christina: Not really, I have to be cosy and free of all distractions - my phone is usually on ‘do not disturb’ and I make sure I have plenty of time to really get into the book before I start reading.

"Since I try to read 2 books a week, I tend to read anywhere and everywhere. I always have a book (or three) with me; I have ebooks loaded on my phone, as well as one or two audiobooks downloaded plus I carry a book in the front seat of my car. I get most of my reading done on my couch at home between 8-10pm. Reading at the end of the day helps me calm down and get ready for bed -- plus it usually means that I get to have dreams about Hogwarts/Shakespeare's England/whatever other book world I have just read!" - Alexandra

Are you a seasonal reader: curled up by the fire with a book in the colder months, or lying on the beach with a summer read?

Christina: Yes! When I think of ‘reading’, I automatically think of being in my bed, all cosy, radiator on next to me, candles lit and rain/snow on the window. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading on the beach, but there’s something special about being all cosy reading when it’s awful outside.


"With full time work I've definitely found I have to make more of an effort to sit and read. I have the shortest commute on the planet (about 10/15 mins on a bus!), so I try and cram in as much as I can then. I do also make sure I have a book or my Kindle with me when I travel anywhere at the moment - so even if I've been out running errands and have a minute to stop off for a coffee I have a book with me. I've also found Saturday mornings in bed or on the sofa are optimal reading times too.
Of course when I find a book that's REALLY good this all goes out the window. Then it's all hands on deck reading at ungodly hours at night trying to get to the end." - Ria

Is there a time of day you enjoy reading most?

Christina: When it’s dark. I used to love reading in the morning, but if it was a hard, darker read (and I read a lot of those) it put me in a strange mood for the day, so now I prefer to read in the evening/once it gets dark. It just feels that much cosier.

The Bookwhore Diaries: I enjoy reading at night when everything is calm and quiet.

Cat: Early mornings and evenings are my favourite time of day to read, I often find that it’s quieter and easier to focus.

"Everywhere I go I take a book with me. I have to buy bags that allow for book space. Sure, some days I don't get time to read, but it's there if I get stuck at a bus station, or I have an extra fifteen minutes somewhere in my day. I spend my Sunday evenings reading for an hour or so at Starbucks to kill time before church (who am I kidding? I get there early on purpose), but I read the most in the evening, right before bed. Occasionally I'll spend an entire day just reading, but that's more likely to happen when I'm on holiday or away somewhere. I find background noise doesn't affect my reading (hence Starbucks), but I can't listen to music because I end up trying to sing along and read at the same time. I also love long car trips, because that gets in a lot of reading time." - Anjali

Do you always travel with a book in hand?

The Bookwhore Diaries: Nope. I don't. I love the books too much that I fear it will harm the book if I bring them. I do bring my Kindle though.

Cat: Yes of course, if I go on holiday or do any train travel I will always take a book with me.

Christina: Yes and no. I don’t tend to take physical books with me when travelling, as I am very much a mood-reader and couldn’t stand choosing a book, only to feel I’m not in the mood to read it, and ending up with nothing to read. I prefer to take my ipad, which has a range of books on the kindle app, as well as the ibooks app too, so I never run out of choices.


"Usually I don't have a set reading routine - I read until my mind wanders, and then I leave it for a little while. I do prefer to read in the living room though - with all my duvets and blankets on top of me and with several dogs lying on top as well, with my music on shuffle and with my headphones on. It's my happy place. As for being a seasonal reader, books don't have a season as far as I'm concerned. I will happily read a Christmassy book in July as long as it's good. Normally I don't have reading goals, but right now I'm doing ARC August, so I'm aiming for at least 3 ARCs a week now. It's nice to have goals to work towards." - Rebecca 

How often do you pick up a book?

Cat: I can’t say that I pick my book up every night, but I do try to read before bed as it helps me to relax, and at the weekends I love to read in bed in the mornings with a cup of tea.

Christina: Everyday without fail. Usually on an evening but sometimes throughout the day too, if it’s a weekend.

The Bookwhore Diaries: Every night AND every Sunday. I'm always lazy on Sundays. 

"I don’t have any particular reading routine. I mostly read when I'm in the bath or in bed before I go to sleep, or if the weather’s nice then I’ll sit outside for a few hours in the sunshine with a big bottle of water and a book, which is definitely my favourite thing to do. I love reading outside at dusk, when it’s been sunny all day, just as the sun is setting. That’s my favourite time and place to read. I don’t generally choose to listen to music when I’m reading but I do usually take a book with me if I’m going out for the day and I can pretty much read anywhere without being too bothered by noise, although I definitely prefer less noise. I don’t really have any reading targets or anything like that either, but I do have a list on my bedroom wall of all the unread books on my shelf so I can see, at a glance, how many are on my TBR and I can cross them off once I’ve read them, which gives me a very false sense of productivity, I’m sure!" - Anastasia

Do you set goals such as a target number of books to read each month?

Christina: Not monthly goals, but I’m a big fan of the Goodreads goals. Mine is currently 100 for 2015 and I’m around 57 books in so I’m pretty proud. I try to read a few books a week so it gives me enough content to write about and review, but if I can’t manage it, I don’t push myself.

Erin: I don't tend to set target numbers although I occasionally make myself a TBR list for the month ahead - particularly when I need to catch up on my Netgalley shelf!

Cat: No I don’t generally sent myself any target number each month, I’d never keep to it.

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Now it's your turn to tell us about your reading habits! Don't forget to leave us a comment and let us know how you would answer some of these questions.

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