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A Heat of the Moment Thing | Maggie Le Page | Review

Becky Jordon is giving up on men, she’s had enough of bad relationships and has decided to stop choosing Mr Wrong and concentrate on her career. Luckily it’s currently on the up as she has landed her dream job, she is determined to make this her soul focus – that is until she can’t stop thinking about her gorgeous, steamy and determined boss. Oh dear….

Becky Jordon is an instantly like-able character, who manages to get herself into some of the strangest (and rather amusing) situations. She is the first reason I got carried away reading this book, she’s young, energetic and strong (unless her sizzling-hot boss is around). I had an instant liking for her and was one hundred percent behind her new ‘no men’ lifestyle change (that was until I decided she HAD to get with her boss or I might through the book across the book).

The story line follows the traditional chick lit plot; fall for a guy, things go up the shoot, you desperately hope they get back together again and then… I won’t give it away!. This is second reason why I couldn't put this book down. The plot is pacey, a little unpredictable and leaves you desperate to find out what is going to happen next. If I could however find one fault with this book, for me, it was that the end seemed a little rushed. We merrily going along with the story like then suddenly wam bam it’s ended and over. I felt like I'd only just finished the middle and suddenly there were not more pages left.

That one little fault however did not stop me from reading this book in 2 days (Yes 2 days!), 2 extremely late nights mid-week and 2 very hazy days at work. I was completely hooked and completely swept away with the how story. Maggie Le Page has certainly set the bar high for her first book. 5/5 stars

The book is available for Kindle here or here

* Copy received for review c/o Maggie Le Page: Although I received a copy of this book free of charge this has not influenced my opinion and my review, as always, is 100% honest

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  1. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the read, Laura. Sorry about those hazy days at work (crosses fingers and toes)(does happy dance)(Who, me? Happy you stayed up too late reading? Never!)

    1. When you enjoy a book - a few hazy days at work are worth it :)


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