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Bookish Links #56

1. Classics can be tricky, but there's one out there for everyone! In this post Holly shares six that she enjoyed.

2. How amazing are these book shelf inserts? If you're looking for a craft project to tackle this month perhaps these will inspire you.

3. Over at This Northern Gal, Kelly reviewed The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern.

4. Obviously, we hope that you're joining in with our BB book club, but here are 6 more to try out too.

5. Looking for advice on how get your book published? This post is for you.

6. Whilst we can't go on any real holidays right now, this post has some reading recommendations to take you on a literary vacation instead!

7. Sophie shared a review of creative title Find Your Artistic Voice.

8. If you're watching Normal People, you'll enjoy this interview post over on the Waterstones blog.

9. This post features 4 short but highly recommended audiobooks, all under 4 hours.

10. Our last link this month is to our very own archives! Anjali has been very busy tidying up all of our post labels, post images and links to make it easier to find what you're looking for on BB (thank you Anjali!)

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