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Welcome to Blogger's Bookshelf Book Bingo!

We thought it would be fun to put together a little challenge for the months of May and June. As well as our usual Book Club, we're going to be trying our hand at Book Bingo! Doing a challenge like Book Bingo is a great way to a) read some books you perhaps wouldn't normally read and b) pick up some books you've been meaning to read in a long time and haven't got around to.

We've put together a 5x5 bingo sheet below, which you can print off and cross out any books you read in the coming weeks which fit the square. Once you've crossed off five in a row (horizontal, vertical, diagonal - use the free space if you can! Bonus!), you'll get a virtual high five from the BB team and a shout out on Instagram.

You can tag us on Instagram when you've picked up a book or finished a row: @bloggersbookshelf and/or use the hashtag #bloggersbookbingo and our usual hashtag #bloggersbookshelf.


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