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Fields of Rust | Robert Gryn | Review

*Image and book provided through NetGalley.


Based on the Hindu religious work The Mahabharata, this book, Fields of Rust, tells the story of a world where there are painfully few stars in the skies. Where the gods are those who understand and can manipulate the highest levels of science and existence. Where machines are both tools to be used (in the forms of armor, weapons, transportation, etc.) and living, sentient creatures.


Holy wah! I love this book. Yes, it is a very long read. Yes, the ending made angry because I didn't get the closure that I wanted. But this book was still so good! This book had me energized and burning for more the entire way through. I almost cried for characters who had existed for only a chapter or two. Gryn does a marvelous job of combining science fiction and steampunk elements into this book.

There are a lot of transitions in this book. From one character's perspective to another's, from present to past. The character perspectives are transitioned by the ending and starting of different chapters so they're easy to follow. The present to past transitions, however, can be a little tricky. It wasn't too often that I got confused, especially after hitting the flow of the book, but there were a couple that made me have to go back a page to figure out what was going on.

This book is not for casual readers. It is an intense read that requires a lot of time. But oh what fun that time is. I would love to see this turned into an anime (if The Mahabharata) hasn't already inspired an anime. The godly armors and weapons would be amazing to behold. I am hoping that the second volume will be able to keep up.

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