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The Accident Season | Moira Fowley-Doyle | Review

*Review copy & cover image c/o Netgalley

the accident season"It's the accident season, the same time every year. Bones break, skin tears, bruises bloom."

Each year just before Halloween Cara’s family shares the experience of the ‘accident season’ a time where as if cursed they all become more accident-prone, with a history of injuries and even fatalities. But is the accident season real or is something else going on in this family?

The Accident Season is a mysterious tale with an incredibly intriguing and unique premise. In a way the story isn’t really about the so-called ‘accident season’… but the less you know about the plot going into it, the better.

The writing style is fairly heavy on the metaphors, with a haunting and at times chaotic feel to it as Fowley-Doyle manages to create a very eerie atmosphere. There’s also hints of both magic and the paranormal along the way, something I wouldn’t usually gravitate towards but feel worked within the context of the story.

As far as characters go I struggled to feel invested in the majority without getting to know them a little better. One that did stand out to me as an interesting addition was Elsie, a mysterious girl who starts a secrets box at school and frighteningly appears in the background of all of Cara’s photographs.

This tale of an unusual family is both original and haunting. It would be the perfect read to pick up in time for Halloween!

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