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Thug Notes | Sparky Sweets, PhD | Review


Thug Notes is a collection of summaries of classic literature, written in the common vernacular. It covers books like Pride and Prejudice, Fahrenheit 451, and A Raisin in the Sun. The summaries include not just summaries of the stories, but also summaries of the characters, themes and symbolism covered in each one. 


I first heard about this book because I am subscribed to the YouTube channel, Wisecrack Studios, which hosts a regular segment called Thug Notes, hosted by Sparky Sweets, PhD.* I found the show to be very entertaining in some of its silliness, but it was also very informative. One of the biggest comments on the channel is "I wish I'd had this in high school!" Of course, that's video. Presenting the same Thug style in written form is a bit more challenging.

That said, Sparky Sweets and Wisecrack went about this in a great way. The spelling and grammar reflect the vernacular of the show. It can be a little tough to get into if you've never seen the show before, but without it, it wouldn't be Thug Notes. I can only explain it so much to someone unfamiliar with the show, so I'm going to provide an example instead:

"Learnin' 'bout literature is mo' than jus' memorizin' names, dates, faces, and book summaries-it can broaden our minds and open our hearts by remindin' us not to judge a book by its cover-and ain't nothin' mo' important." - Introduction

So, if you are struggling to understand some of the classics, or even if you greatly enjoy them, Thug Notes is a good read. It has sections that translate classic English to contemporary English. It has definitions of vital words and concepts. It makes learning about literature fun and easy. 

Word of warning, there is a LOT of cussing. It is not bleeped. It is not crossed out. So if you're squeamish about such things, it may not be the book for you.

*The entire channel is a lot of fun, but the Thug Notes playlist can be found here.

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