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Book Tour | Rumors | A.C. Arthur

*Review copies c/o Sparkpoint Studio & Netgalley

rumors by a c arthur

"Her death tore them apart. Will solving her murder bring them back together?

Best friends Landy, Tenile, Nicole, Nathan, Justin, and Kareem were the golden children of Tanner University. Their paths were set: doctors, lawyers, business moguls, they were going to light the world on fire. Then, two weeks before graduation, Landy was murdered—and Nathan was blamed. Though he was never charged, vicious rumors drove him from town, and the circle of friends broke.

Ten years later, Nathan is back in Tanner, determined to clear his name. He’s asking questions no one wants answered, and soon rumors threaten to divide the community once more. Everyone in this small town is keeping big secrets—especially Landy’s old friends—and someone is willing to kill to keep their darkest deeds buried...
- description & image via Goodreads


Today we're taking part in a book tour for this late 2014 contemporary murder mystery release. The book is set out in your classic whodunnit format as we meet the group of ex-best friends torn apart by Landy's murder ten years earlier. As you make your way through the novel both searching for clues and following the complicated relationships between the characters play a key part. If you enjoy a mystery novel and don't mind committing to a two-part series to find out the truth Rumors may be one for you to pick up!

Note: we feel it is also important to mention that although we heard about Rumors through a YA press release the book does contain adult themes and would be better suited to a slightly older audience.

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