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Bookish Links #2

Happy Saturday everyone! It's time to round up some more of our favourite bookish articles, here's what we've been enjoying lately...

1/ Just How Much Work Goes Into A Review? - in a recent post Jenny broke down the steps to creating each of her book reviews, highlighting just how much time and effort goes into what we do as book bloggers.

2/ Wearable Books - if you're looking to make a bookish themed gift for a friend check out this tutorial from Live Craft Love for a step-by-step on how to turn miniature books into a necklace!

3/ Happily Ever After? - where do you stand on epilogues? Rachel's interesting opinion piece talks us through the different reactions we can have to epilogues and how they can change your thoughts on the whole story.

4/ One For The 90's Kids... - Clarissa Darling is back in a new novel! The character we all know and love thanks to the popular Nickelodeon series is now in her 20's and tackling a whole host of young adult problems.

5/ World Book Night Is Back! - it's World Book Night this month, don't forget to visit the website to find out more about this year's books and the events happening where you live!

6/ Ready Player One Is Coming To The Big Screen! - here at BB we're huge fan's of ernest Cline's geeky science ficition novel and can't wait to see it come to life on screen! The latest news is that iconic director Steven Spielberg is going to be directing the film.

7/ The One Where... - to finish off this roundup we've found a fun post from Brittany which includes book suggestions based on Friends episode titles as well as YA recommendations for each of the beloved Friends characters. If you're a fan of both YA reads and Friends marathons you'll enjoy this one!

Don't forget to leave us your favourite bookish links in the comments!

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  1. Anita Dawes9:08 am

    thanks for this link! Love the wearable books...


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