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WellyWood Series 0.5 & 1 | Kate O'Keeffe | Reviewed by Laura

Jessica Banks has been living a fabulous life in London and dreads anything to do with her home back in New Zealand. In this first short story she is dragged back for a wedding and in the second it's back for good, much to her dismay! She's back living with her Mum, struggling to settle into a town which she detests, Maybe a new man can bring a light to her miserable tunnel.

I read these books on the plane back from India, they were some much needed entertainment on a 10 hour flight. The first short story was a taster, I instantly liked the character of Jessica and was looking forward to reading more in the next full length book.

I went through many different emotions whilst reading this book, as previously sad I liked Jessica, I felt sorry for her at times (I can't imagine having to move back home now I've been away for so long - nightmare!) Then I felt excited for her and the prospects that were appearing, I got annoyed at her, was happy for her, frustrated for her and laughed with her through the book. This for me is a sign that there is definitely something about this book that hooks you in, I cared what happened to her and I wanted to kick her up the bum sometimes and yell at her friend for being annoying.

This story has a typical chick-lit plot to it, romance, friendship and ending on a very positive note. However what I really did enjoy was the career element that was included, Jessica goes into business with her friend and although there are some hiccups along the way it was great to read how much of a success she was able to make of it.

Of course there are always characters in books that you don't like or are not meant to like and there are quite a few in this one, although luckily they are more minor characters and don't crop up too often.

I would definitely recommend this mini series if you are looking for a relaxing read! Kate has done a great job on both the short story and full length book! Looking forward to reading more from her in the future!

4/5 stars

These books is available for Kindle here or here 
* Copy received for review c/o Kate O'Keeffe: Although I received a copy of these books free of charge this has not influenced my opinion and my review, as always, is 100% honest

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  1. Kate O'Keeffe8:09 am

    Thanks so much for the great review! I'm currently writing the second full length story in this series, and Jessica's going to crop up for a cameo appearance. I'm so glad you enjoyed both publications.


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