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StyleClinic: How to Look Fabulous All the Time, at Any Age, for Any Occasion | Paula Reed | Reviewed by Niina


StyleClinic: How to Look Fabulous All the Time, at Any Age, for Any Occasion by Paula Reed is not the type of book I usually go for. I'm not a fashion freak or in any way an expert when it comes to fashion. But I like clothes (especially buying them) and I think I have a pretty good idea about what suits me and my personal style. So, because I don't see myself as an expert I was really happy when I received StyleClinic as a gift from a friend. I'm always up for learning new things! But I have to admit that I was pretty unimpressed with this book.

Sure, it was an easy and quick read and the book is nicely structured with a lot of information and pretty decent pictures. But I even if I'm not a fashion expert there wasn't a lot of information in this book that I didn't already know. The advice in this book is mostly really obvious. But the most annoying thing about StyleClinic is that the author keeps going on and on about that there's no rules when it comes to style and that you're supposed to wear what you feel and look good in. And then a few pages later she still throws a bunch of rules in my face!
- Don't wear black if you're blonde and pale! Don't do this and don't do you ever do that! 
- Hey! You just told me I should wear what I feel and look good in!? And I happen to be very blonde and very pale and look pretty good in black (yes, this is me having a conversation with a book). 
I just found this really annoying. It's like those magazines that tell girls that they should love their bodies and then tell them how to get skinny. That's just stupid and annoying. I can live with rules as long as the author don't start with telling me; There's no rules!

As you've probably guessed I didn't really enjoy StyleClinic by Paula Reed. Sure, I probably picked up a few tips and tricks, but it wasn't worth it. I'm still open to try another book in this genre because a book like this could be both a lot of fun and maybe even a bit useful. So if you have a recommendation on a book in the fashion/style genre that isn't full of BS, please let me know! 

This post was written by regular reviewer Niina, get to know her here.

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