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How to Fall in Love | Cecelia Ahern | Review

Christine and Adam are thrown together one night, when she finds herself trying to save his life. She desperately waffles as much as she can, saying anything to try and stop him from jumping the Dublin Halfpenny bridge. She manages it, but only because she strikes up a crazy deal. She bets that she can make life worth living before his 35th birthday... which is in two weeks time.

It is no secret that I adore Cecelia Ahern books, I have raved about them numerous times before on this blog. However each time I read a new one I do try to stay neutral and not fall in love with the book simply because it's written by her. There have been some of her books that I haven't clicked so well with... this book was not one of those.

I think what draws me in most about her books is the written style, they have such an ease and flow to them, that it's almost impossible to not keep reading. But to make a book enjoyable there has to be something more, something in the characters or the plot to draw you in and make you desperate to read more.

This book has that something more. Lets start with the main characters, Adam and Christine. Christine has set herself an enormous task, she has to essentially save this mans life. She's going through an extremely messy divorce, living in a flat with barely any furniture, has little money and is only just about getting by herself. Somehow she manages to hold onto her spark, the spark that brings joy into others lives and positivity into her own and it is that spark that makes her likable and relate-able.

As always the story lines seems to hold that little bit of magic that is in every one of Ahern's books, trying desperately to get a man to fall in love with his life again - there would be no story line unless you had a little bit of belief in magic. Of course this is chic-lit so there is some romance along the way, I do however find that in this story it is a side plot rather than the main focus of the book.

A highly enjoyable read of which I'm sure I will go back to again and again. Recommended to any Ahern fans, chic-lit readers or anyone who needs a bit of a pick me up.

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