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Roomies | Sara Zarr & Tara Altebrando | Review


Elizabeth and Lauren are both off to Berkeley college after the Summer and although they have never met they are about to become roommates. Roomies follows both girls on the adventures of their last summer before college and explores the friendship they begin to build.

When New Jersey native Elizabeth (or EB as she likes to be called) finds out she immediately shoots off an email to Lauren, excited about getting to know her potential new friend. Lauren however, never wanted a college roommate. She comes from a big family where she has always helped out her parents with all of her little brothers and sisters and was looking forward to having her own space for once. Although only moving across the bay from San Francisco, Lauren is still going through a lot of the same things as EB – family issues, boy drama and anxiety about starting college.

Each chapter alternates between the two girl’s stories, connected by the emails they send to each other, which are included within the text. After starting out with discussions about who should bring what for their room the conversation quickly becomes more personal and both girls end up finding that its much easier to talk to each other about how they feel than to those around them. Of course, even this solution doesn’t come without it’s ups and downs. Roomies provides a realistic depiction of how the tone of emails can be misinterpreted and the girls manage to hit a bump in their friendship before they’ve even met.

Roomies is a light and more realistic read, perfect for those who are about to start college/university themselves.

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