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A Redbird Christmas | Fannie Flagg | Review

"Mildred looked at her, highly incensed. "And just how am I supposed to know what I want until I get there? That's why it's called shopping, Frances!" And with that she marched out the door." - Fannie Flagg, A Redbird Christmas

One day on his annual visit at the doctor's office Oswald T. Campbell gets some chocking news. He only has a few months to live unless he moves to the South. Oswald ends up in the small town of Lost River, Alabama. Lost River happens to be the home to a bunch of interesting and heart warming characters and a redbird called Jack.

A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg is the perfect Christmas novel. Not only because parts of the story take place during the holiday season but also because this is a true feel good novel that gives you that nice warm and fuzzy feeling that everyone should be feeling this time of year. Because let me tell you something! A Redbird Christmas was a genuinely enjoyable reading experience. It was short and sweet and just made me feel warm and happy. If you've read a few of my previous reviews you might be a bit surprised because I tend to criticize books for not having enough action. A Redbird Christmas has almost zero action, but I still loved it! There's no other way to explain it than that the book has a really good and enjoyable vibe. The characters are really well written and make the story really interesting even if it's mostly about their slow small town lives. This novel seriously makes me want to move to a small lazy town in Alabama. Just imagine getting your mail by boat!? (Yes, that happens in Lazy River, Alabama).

This is the first book by Fannie Flagg that I've ever read (even though the movie Fried Green Tomatoes based on Flagg´s novel with the same name is one of my favorite movies). But after this reading experience I'm really intrigued to read more of her novels. I enjoy her writing style and she really has the ability make the simplest thing feel magical in A Redbird Christmas. And like I said before, I loved what she did with the characters. I could go on an on about how I loved every single one of them.

So yeah, you guessed it right. I really really liked A Redbird Christmas and to be honest I wasn't excepting to like it as much I did. This is a well written, short and sweet read. I think you all should give it a go because with it's 224 pages it's a pretty short yet enjoyable read for the upcoming holidays! I give A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg.

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