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Group Collaboration | If We Made The Movies

For this month's group post we asked you to put yourself in the director's chair. We wanted to know which books you would love to see come to the big screen, and which existing adaptations you would change. Here's how cinema would look if we were in charge...

movies ria 1

movies laura 1

movies cat 1

movies anjali 3

movies erin 3

movies cat 2

movies laura 3

movies lucy 2

movies anjali 2

movies lucy 3

movies laura 2

movies lucy 1

movies erin 1

This month's contributors - Ria, Laura, Lucy, Cat, Anjali
Images of actors all via
Post & graphics by Erin

Next month's post is all about our Favourite Reads Of 2013! Let us know your choices via Twitter, Goodreads or drop us an email -

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