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Bridget Jones - Mad about The Boy | Helen Fielding | Review

Bridget Jones is back, in all her former glory including the insecurities, vulnerability and stubbornness which we have previously seen. She is a more mature (in age), widowed (Oh Mark!) and Mother to two children. Can she pick her life back up and get herself back on the dating ladder?

This book was pre-ordered months before its release, landed on my doorstep on release day and was finished within the week. That however does not guarantee that I utterly adore this book, just its ease of writing style. Fielding is back, in her usual informal, witty and casual way which allows you to sink into this book no matter what else is going on around you - busy train, boyfriend playing fifa and shouting at the TV - nothing could pull me away from her writing.

That being said, for me Bridget Jones, is not Bridget Jones without Mark Darcy. I had avidly avoided spoilers and was honestly completely shocked, to read about his death. It disgruntled, annoyed and disappointed me (What? A third film without Colin Firth?!) however I do understand why Fielding has made this move. How could we enjoy the trials and tribulations Jones faces if she is happily married? It just wouldn't be the same.

Jones gets herself back on the dating bandwagon but this time modern technology is involved and there was nothing more humorous in this book than read Bridget's portrayal of signing up to twitter and tweeting. Her references to real life events give me more reason to enjoy her writing.

Bridget is her usual likable self, after reading the very first line it was easy to fall back into her routine. 'Roxster' (a very obvious name for a toyboy) a new character was another reason however as to why I couldn't get on with this book, I found him annoying and the named grated on me the more I read it.

Obviously there is a happy ending, however I was not satisfied, I guess I longed for the lovably posh and gorgeous Mr Darcy - and as this will always be in my head, this book will always (for me) fail to meet the high ratings of the previous Bridget Jones books.

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  1. I can't believe there's no more Mr Darcy, in my head they were supposed to live happily ever after together!

    Jennie xo |

  2. I was so shocked when I found out she'd killed or Mark Darcy! He made Bridget that little bit more frazzled.
    I can't wait to read this one.

  3. If you guys are interested i nominated you for a Liebster Award, i really like your blog and read it regularly, if you don't want to do it thought you don't have to (but hopefully you will), i just wanted to nominate you guys :)


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