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Being A Book Blogger | Interview with Allie aka Little Birdie Books

Welcome to another edition of Being A Book Blogger! Today we're talking to the lovely Allie of YA & Contemporary review blog Little Birdie Books. Here's what she had to say about movie adaptations, blogging tips and the best book boys...


BB: Hi Allie! For any of our readers who aren’t already subscribed to Little Birdie Books could you tell us a little bit more about the girl behind the blog?

Well there's the basics: favourite colour is green, favourite food is Indian takeaway (chicken tikka masala mmmm). And, well, I think it's pretty obvious that I'm kind of a book junkie (and by kind of, I mean ridiculously huge). I'm one of those annoying people that always has a book in their hands and gets into a complete zone, blocking at the world. So often when I'm reading my friends / family will have to yell my name about a dozen times before I realise they're talking to me.

Some other key information:
I'm quarter Greek, quarter Italian, quarter German and quarter English. So I have a BIG family. It's great!
I studied Creative Writing at university and it was the most amazing experience of my life. Our teachers were all published writers and I learnt so many invaluable things. Unfortunately, I graduated in July, so I think this means I'm an adult. Kind of.
I'm double-jointed in my toes - this is an essential piece of information.
I'm an avid baker and, not to brag, but my blueberry muffins are out of this world.
I am the reigning Scrabble champion. Challenge me ... I dare you *shifty eyes*

BB: How did you get into book blogging and do you have any advice for those who are considering it?

I've always got a book in my hand, so book blogging seemed like the perfect thing for me to do to fill my time after I graduated. It's just a fun way to share my thoughts with other bloggers and get into great book discussions.

I think if you want to be a book blogger then go for it. There is such a lovely community out there and I have met some of the sweetest people.

The best advice I can give is not to get too held up doing thousands of blog tours and cover reveals just to get some hits on your site. Those posts tend to be quite impersonal and don't make for good discussions in the comments. Also, if you book loads you'll get super stressed and It'll take the fun out of blogging and, really, blogging is all about enjoying yourself and sharing your passion.

I'd also really recommend taking part in some memes - a lot of blogs have linkys for you to sign up so you can see other people who are participating. It's a great way to integrate yourself into the blogging community and find other awesome bloggers.

Also, do try and respond to comments. If someone is kind enough to leave a message on your post, then reply and return the favour by visiting their blog and leaving a comment. A bit of give and take is always nice and, again, it's a great way for you to start a conversation with fellow bloggers.
Oh and one more thing - be prepared to live on Goodreads and for your TBR to become a mountain!

BB: You have a lovely blog design with a cute bird-themed rating system. How did you come up with the idea?

Well my blog name was something I stumbled upon accidentally when my mother mentioned how a 'little birdie' had told her the book I was reading was good. I knew then I had a name for my blog and I wanted the design to play on that name.

The last thing I wanted was for my blog to look business-like and boring. Little Birdie needed something eye-catching and fun! Stephanie at Hopeless Romantics was cool enough to design my blog for me and she was great at really taking into account the kind of look and feel I wanted (and including the most adorable birdies in the header).
As for the rating system, stars are so 90s ;)

BB: Another unique feature of your blog is the 'Birdie's Book Boys Feature' every second weekend - if you had to pick a top 3 from those you've written about so far, who would make the cut?

Oh man, that's seriously tough! Okay, okay, let's see ... I'd probably say Oliver Parish (The Art of Wishing), Dexter Jones (This Lullaby) and Chase Jennings (Article 5).

Oliver is absolutely hilarious, plus he's a genie so a good time is bound to be had by all!
Dexter is quirky, sweet and endearingly clumsy. Plus he plays guitar and I'm still not over my musician phase.

And then there's Chase who manages to be both the bad boy and the guy next door *swoons*.

BB: Here at BB our TBR stacks are never-ending, which five books are at the top of your list right now?

I have so many too, it's kind of ridiculous. There's just SO many books I need to get my hands on! I think top 5 are:

  • Pushing the Limits - There has been endless raving about this (and the second book in the series), so I need to see what all the fuss is about asap.
  • The Fourth Wish - I seriously cannot wait to see how Margo adjusts after the end of Art of Wishing. Plus: hello Oliver!
  • Three - The next book in the Article 5 series. This is one of my all-time favourite series, so I'm twiddling my thumbs until it comes out.
  • Fangirl - This has been getting some serious buzz in the blogosphere and I loved Rainbow Rowell's last book Eleanor & Park, so I'm dying to read this.
  • Ignite Me - Another series, I know, but there are just so many good ones out there and this is no exception. Tahereh Mafi has such a unique writing style that completely draws you in. Also: Warner is crazed. Team Adam all the way.

tbr allie

BB: If you could choose one book that hasn’t yet been adapted to be turned into a movie which one would it be?

I'd really like to see The 5th Wave on the big screen. There's such an amazing story to be told there and SO many kick-ass characters. I think if it could make a great film series or even a TV show. There's just so much material there, especially with all the different points of view.

BB: Which two fictional characters, from different books/series, would you like to see appear together in a new story?

I think it'd be hilarious to have all of the male love interests from various YA novels thrown together. It'd be one tortured testosterone-fest.

BB: Finally, which book blogs (other than your own of course!) would you recommend to our readers?

There are seriously so many talented bloggers out there. Buuuut I think my top five would be:
1. Forever Young Adult
2. Cuddlebuggery
3. Bewitched Bookworms
4. Readers in Wonderland
5. Read, Breathe, Read

Visit Allie's blog here: Little Birdie Books

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I'd like to say a huge thank you from all of us here at BB to Allie for taking part in this interview.
If you are a booktuber or book blogger and would like to be featured in a similar post we'd love to hear from you - just email us at for information!

Interview & post by Erin
Cover images via Goodreads

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