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Ask Anya | Interview with my 10 year old sister | Interview by Anjali

I was pondering what to write for my post this week, and I have to admit, I didn't have anything. I'm half-way through The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (and liking it so far), so I didn't have a recent book to review. Then I saw my 10 year old sister, Anya, reading in our lounge and I thought 'hey! Maybe a new perspective; I wonder how she sees books'. So I asked her if she'd like to write about it. And she did. So I gave her some easy questions, which she wrote out her answers to. I typed them up for her; here's what she said.


Ask Anya

What are you currently reading? 
I am currently reading a book called The Raider's Promise. It is the last book in a series of five.

Tell us a little about it. 
This book is written by Lois Walfirid Johnson. In this series, there are quite a few main characters, but the man one is Brianna O'Toole, or Bree for short. This book is a Viking based book, and the story goes that Bree and her brother Devin get captured by Vikings. This is where a 14 year old boy named Mikkle comes in. He led a raid on Ireland, and when he meets Bree and Devon, their adventure really begins. Mikkle, because he met Bree and Devon, realises that his raid was wrong, and they help him to learn from his mistakes.

What is it that you like about this book/series?
I like that it is a good moral story, but also that it gives you a taste of history, and what it was like back then.

Who is your favourite character, and why?
My favourite character is either Bree or her friend that she looked after on Mikkle's boat (whose name is Lil). I like them because they are both very brave and strong, and both have a very nice characters.

Do you have a favourite scene or part of the story? Why is it your favourite? 
My favourite scene throughout the series is the part where Bree escapes from Mikkle's baot, and her friend Lil goes with her. Nola, another older person on board, gives them all they need to survive, although she knows that they will be back. To get food for Lil and her, Brree makes disguises so that they can survive on the fish in the near by streams. I like this because the author makes it really tense and exciting to read.

Would you recommend this book/series to other kids your age, and why?
Yes, I would recommend this book to kids who are my age and older. But for younger children it might a bit a bit hard to read, so they should read it with their parents.


There we have it folks! A child's perspective and thoughts on a book she is reading. It's interesting to see what she thought about the book, and to see her thoughts on why she liked it. I know that a lot of the time we see something, or read something, and know that we like it, but to articulate why is another matter. Being book bloggers here at BB, we love doing just that, but I never really thought about what a 10 year old might think about the books they are reading.

So! If you have children, and you want some adventure stories with good morals, Anya suggests these books. My other sister also read these when she was younger (now she's 19), and I remember her really loving them to. So, thank you Anya for this!

We hope you guys enjoyed it!

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