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Feature | His Dark Materials Trilogy | Philip Pullman

"The first volume is set in a world like ours, but different in many ways. The second volume is set partly in the world we know. The third moves between many worlds. 
In The Northern Lights we meet 11-year-old Lyra Belacqua, an orphan growing up within the precincts of Jordan College in Oxford, England. In Lyra's world everyone has a personal daemon, a lifelong animal familiar. This is a world in which science, theology and magic are closely intertwined." - (source)

I read the first book, Northern Lights, as a child and loved it but never quite finished the others. Then the film adaptation came out  in 2007 and I wanted to read the trilogy even more. The film didn't quite live up to the standards set within the book but I knew I had to read the rest of the trilogy. I soon found re-reading the first book that this trilogy wasn't quite for children with it's complex theories on 'dust'. The first book I really did enjoy, it lovely and very detailed and very much for older children. It was interesting and once I had started reading I couldn't quite put it down because I simply just needed to know if Lyra ever found Lord Asriel and what really would happen in the end?

The second book features our world but with differences you could never imagine. We meet a new character in the book by the name of Will Parry who lives in our modern-day Oxford. He is only 12-years-old however he has taken a huge weight upon his shoulders with looking after his mother but also setting out on an adventure to find his father after soon disastrous events. This book was easy to follow however it did seem to get more complex as more characters and different worlds were introduced. The story was amazing and really did intrigue you as with this book I couldn't put it down either!

Last but not least the third book brings the return of all the characters we have earlier seen however even more characters are introduced making this the most complex but powerful book of the whole trilogy. We see a painful price from Lyra as she must go somewhere were no living being has been before. We also see a mighty a fierce angel come into action and the war rages within the Kingdom of Heaven. From the beginning of the first book we final get a shocking outcome with a brutal battle which will finally reveal the secret of dust.

These were the first books I read by Philip Pullman and I absolutely adored them. The first book was a rather easy read and definitely for children but as I progressed through the trilogy I soon began to realize these books are definitely for all ages if you enjoy this sort of action. Each book is about 400 pages long so if you're like me you'll wizz through these books in a few days. Now I don't want to say much more as I really don't want to ruin the story for anyone wanting to read this.

However I will say that I would fully recommend this trilogy for anyone that wants a fresh new reading experience with books that are the most powerful and wonderful you could ever find. Also if you enjoyed the film of the first book you'll enjoy these books as they go into much more depth and you see true love and bonds formed between the wonderful characters that you grow to connect with and that you really love. Definitely a 5/5 from me.

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  1. I am reading this at the moment! Also read the trilogy when i was younger, and when i moved to uni a couple of months ago i was looking for a few books to take and rediscovered these :) enjoying them all over again x

  2. I read the first book when I was younger but I've been thinking about starting to read the series again :) thanks for reviewing them! I enjoyed reading your review!


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