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Feed | Mira Grant | Reviewed by Niina

Feed by Mira Grant

I should probably start this review with saying this; I have a pretty unhealthy relationship with zombies. Okay, maybe not zombies, but zombie stories. A lot of people even find the thought of zombies repelling (okay, I get that) and often dismiss zombie stories as gore. But let me tell you, they're so much more than that. First of all they're about survival, about people coping with a world in chaos That's what I find interesting about these stories; what people do and how people change when their neighbors start eating each other.

So, there, I've declared my passionate love for the zombie genre. Let's move on to the actual review of Feed by Mira Grant:

Feed is about Georgia and Shaun, two bloggers who live for reporting the news in a messed up world. A world were whole cities have been taken over by zombies, a world were you're required to give a clean blood test every time you enter a building and a world were blogs are considered to be the most trustworthy form of media. Feed is not an apocalyptic novel in the sense that we get to tag along when it all goes to hell, it's about a world that has to move on in the ashes of when it all went to hell. But in this new world they still got presidential campaigns and Georgia and Shaun are the lucky bloggers that get to report live from one of the presidential candidate´s campaign tour. But they get stuck in a pretty serious conspiracy and in the end I'm not sure if they consider themselves that lucky...(yes, there's a cliffhanger for you!)

First of all! Politics, social media and zombies! It's like a mix made in heaven! (Yes, you guess it right! I'm a bit ecstatic about this book). This book gives you a whole new point of view when it comes to the zombie apocalypse and I love that! It's always a plus when a book adds something new to a genre. Some of the other things I really enjoyed about this book was the characters and the world building. The characters are all imperfect but still really likable and there's also some kind of rawness about them that makes them believable. One other thing that really impressed me is all the details in the world building, yes my friends, the zombie apocalypse feels pretty believable as well. Some might even say there's too many details (I'm not talking about blood and gore people), but I enjoy that, I enjoy getting the feeling that there' s been quite a few hours of research behind a book.

So yes, I loved this book and I have to be true to my heart and give it 5/5 stars. And you know what!? You might actually enjoy this even if you're not a zombie fan, because like I said in the beginning, this is about so much more than gore and zombies...

This review was written by regular reviewer Niina, get to know her here.


  1. I actually picked this up from the library today, really looking forward to reading it! :)

  2. Haha I love the idea of two people live blogging a Zombie apocaplyse, though the whole book seems like such an original concept! Another one for the 'To Read' list! xoxo

    1. Yeah it's a pretty original concept :) that's why I like it so much. A lot of zombie fiction is just the same as the last one. I'm glad you found the review interesting :)

  3. Niina sorry it took me so long to post this. This review was awesome! I really want to read it. I have been wanting to get into zombie books for ages and this just sounds like a really good book to start into the whole genre!


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