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Group Collaboration | Our Favourite Genres

For our first group collaboration here at Blogger's Bookshelf we asked you, our readers and contributors, to tell us about your favourite book genres and to recommend us some titles. Hopefully this post will help you to discover some new books or even inspire you to venture into a different genre. These were the results...


horror and post apocalyptic


young adult



Next month we will be discussing favourite reads of 2012

We would love for as many of you to get involved as possible - all you need to do is either leave a comment on this post, tweet or email us your top five reads of the year. If you'd like to you can also include a sentence about why you enjoyed each one but please note we may not be able to include these for every book - it will depend on how many responses we receive!

We will need your answers by December 19th and the post will be live on the 22nd. And remember, they don't need to be titles released in 2012, just your favourites of the books you read throughout the year!

Contributors - Taylah, Laura, Sandra, Jess, Niina, Elle, Anjali, Lucy, Ria, Francesca, Kristina, Lulu, Cat, Erin, Jo 
We were really pleased with the response we received & would like to say a big thank you to everyone who got involved.

All book cover images sourced from Goodreads.


  1. Wow! I love how you've created this! It looks awesome!
    It's really cool to see what everyone loves reading too!

  2. Anonymous6:32 am

    I love how you've put this all together, it's amazing. I couldn't have imagined it to turn out like this.

  3. I love how this post turned out :) It looks great! And so many good book recommendations! Love it!

  4. All hail the mighty Erin! (I can't take any credit for the gorgeous-ness of this post :P) turned out marvellously m'dear :) and there's at least 10 books I need to add to my 60ft 'to read' list now! xoxo


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