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Spirit Warriors: The Concealing | D. E. L. Connor | Review

*E-book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Emme Belrose is a 16-year-old girl in Eastern Montana. She has a small group of friends and a budding romance with Charlie. Since she was little, Emme has had nightmares about her death. She knows she is going to die drowning. Charlie also knows this because, he too, has had visions of her death. In order to save Emme, they must convince their friends of the truth of this and the truth of the existence of the machayiwiw, set to destroy them all.


I've said in my own blog that I don't do well with books written from the perspective of teenage protagonists. I've been kinda burned out on them. So when I tell you that this book was a fast paced adventure that almost made me cry, you know this has been a very good book.

Admittedly, I have little in common with the teenagers of this book and I had some problems fully engaging the characters. However, I found all of them to be amiable and was not annoyed by any of them for having a lack of common sense. If anything, these kids have a strong understanding of the world around them and I greatly appreciate that. Yes, there is the spoiled cheerleader trope, but it's really not that big of a part in the overall story.

This is a book that I definitely recommend for a quick read (I may have to pick up the next one in the series). It was engaging, it was well written, and it almost made me cry. Seriously, my husband asked me what was wrong a few times while I read this. This is a YA book that I genuinely enjoyed. 

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