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Group Collaboration | Bookshops vs. Buying Online

Welcome to another Blogger's Bookshelf collaboration post! This month we're sharing our opinions on a hot topic; where we buy our beloved books. With independent bookshops no longer a feature on every high street and a rise in ebook sales, today we're sharing our thoughts on bookshops vs. buying online. Where do our writers buy their books and why? Read on to find out...

bookshops 12 alison
bookshops laura alex
bookshops ria
bookshops anjali
bookshops emma amelia
bookshops 4 fiona
bookshops niina

Don't forget to leave your opinions on this topic in the comments section below, we would love to hear them! 

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This month's contributors: Emma, Anjali, Amelia, Alison, Laura, Alexandra, Fiona, Ria & Niina

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  1. In the perfect world I would buy everything from a local bookstore. I love the feel of going into a bookstore and spending an hour or two looking through the shelves. Because local bookstores tend to be more expensive I do buy a lot of my books online. Now that I have a kindle I buy even more books online. Usually they come from Amazon because it is the easiest and cheapest.

  2. I would love to be able to buy all my books from a bookshop but as Amelia said, when you're a broke student and you need your book fix, Amazon's prices are just too tempting. I'm also trying to start buying my books in hardback format instead of paperback and as Waterstones's YA section is mainly all in paper back, I'll have to make most of my purchases online anyway.

    1. Amazon is definitely a weakness! I also find that because Amazon prices are really low, I'll buy more books than I intended to. My excuse for buying four books instead of the original one I was looking for is that I can buy four books for the same price as one in a bookstore.


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