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Message in a Bottle | Nicholas Sparks | Reviewed by Laura

Theresa Osborne discovers and washed up bottle whilst on a work trip, inside she discovers a letter so beautiful, heart-breaking and full of love  that Theresa can't help but want to know more about the man who wrote it. She begins her search and soon Garrett (the man behind the letters) and Theresa's lives come together in this story which fills our hearts desire of finding true love.
As you have all probably worked out by now I am a bit of a Sparks fan, this is in fact the fifth book of his that I am reviewing (do I get a crazy fan status for that?) There has always been something about his books which draw me in, toil with my emotions and leave me want the story to carry on forever.
This story gripped me from the moment Theresa found the bottle, I wanted to know who the man was behind it as much as she did and I could already see a romance arriving (I didn't say the books weren't predictable.) I enjoyed the storyline and although I was surprised by the ending (no spoilers here) I think it really suited the storyline which Sparks was portraying throughout the book.
Garrett was definitely a favourite character of mine, a little broken but an all round nice guy, this book is his mending process after losing the love of his life. I enjoyed seeing him come back to life again with the help of Theresa and her son. Theresa is another likeable character although at times I did find her a little frustrating and I wanted to shout at her for some of the lies she told.
Overall this is another Sparks classic story. Any Sparks fan will enjoy it, as will any fan of the romance genre.

5/5 stars

This post was written by regular reviewer Laura, get to know her here.
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  1. I love Nicholas Sparks. I definitely need to read this one :)

    Sophie x


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