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The 100 Society | Carla Spradbery | Reviewed by Erin

*Review copy c/o Netgalley

The 100 Society follows Grace and her group of boarding school friends who are taking part in an illegal game that involves tagging 100 specific locations in the city. Almost done with the challenge things take a turn for the worse when the group discover that they are being watched by someone tagging their rooms with the ‘Reaper’.

Billed as Point Horror meets I Know What You Did Last Summer this twisty YA horror gets off to an interesting start with the introduction of the mysterious stalker but for me the story grew more intriguing as it went along. Unfortunately the whole concept of the 100 Society graffiti game was something I didn’t enjoy that much and found a bit difficult to buy into, however I did really like how the teen’s artwork played a crucial role in the story’s conclusion.

The characters are very typical of the genre and this type of story so unsurprisingly their individual backgrounds aren’t explored very much within the novel. Personally I didn’t mind this factor as with the mystery of the Reaper running throughout the story the vague character descriptions definitely help to keep the reader suspicious of everyone in Grace’s life.

Overall I think The 100 Society played out well and is a good little read to pick up in time for Halloween. Plus, I’m really pleased to see more exciting mystery/horror titles popping up within the YA genre!

The 100 Society is released on September 4th and you can pre-order it here now

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