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Features | Re-reading.

I have re-read Avalon High by Meg Cabot more times than I can remember. There are other books I've re-read plenty of times too, but Avalon High is definitely the number one most re-read book in my collection.

When I was still in school I used to re-read a lot. Meg Cabot, Jacqueline Wilson, and the Harry Potter books all got a few re-reads over the years. I used to spend my summer holidays sat in the garden day after day re-reading my favourite books from the moment I woke up until the sun went down, only moving back inside to reapply sunscreen or grab another book when I'd finished one. Now that I'm older though, I don't find myself re-reading so much.

It could have something to do with the fact that ever since I got my own bank account I've found it very difficult to stop myself from buying every book I like the look of and now have a TBR list the length of my arm. In fact, let's be honest, it probably has a lot to do with that. When there are 30+ unread books hanging out in my bookcase, it's difficult to convince myself that re-reading old favourites is worth the time that I could otherwise spend on reading those new books I haven't yet experienced.

This kind of thinking is further spurred on, of course, by the fact that there are just so many more books in the world that I do not yet own and I feel as though I can't buy those until I've read the ridiculous amount of books I do own but have yet to read. I'm sure this is a train of thought most readers have experienced at some time or another. Well, I hope it's not just me anyway!

I'm not sure if it's because the sun has finally started to make an appearance after months of awful winter, and this is bringing back memories of those summer days spent re-reading old favourites, but I've started to get an itch to do it again. I do want to read all my unread books but I also desperately want to pull a few old favourites down from the shelf and see what I'll make of them now, if I'll still love them the way I did before or if I'll find something completely new in the story to make the experience totally different.

It may feel a little silly to me to re-read old books instead of reading new ones, but it is also starting to feel a little silly to have all these books I've enjoyed and never read them again. It's all very well having a bookshelf full of books I once loved, but I think they deserve to be loved again!

I'd love to hear what you all think about re-reading in the comments. Is it worth the time to experience a story again? Or do you always prefer to try out something new?


  1. Molly Robjohn12:24 pm

    I've never reread a book, I wish I was the type of person to do so but I've never had a desire to read a book again even if I loved it but I always tend to find similar books or new ones to read :)

  2. Stephanie Hartley1:14 pm

    I've read Avalon High numerous times too! If a book is good I think you can reread it every couple of years. Your life experiences change, so your attitude to the book may do too. I've found this especially with Shriver's We Need to Talk About Kevin. Plus, if it's a complicated book, rereading gives you the chance to pay attention to bits you skimmed over before

    Steph -

  3. I'm DEFINITELY a re-reader, I find myself re-reading all the books I read in my early teen years, but it's gotten to the point where I also have so many new books to read that re-reading doesn't seem like a sensible option at this moment in time :')

  4. One of my good friends re-reads Avalon High a lot too!
    Harry Potter is my go-to re-reading series. I couldn't honestly tell you how many times I've read those books. Occasionally I have to re-read books because it's been so long since I've read them and the next one has come out, and I have to refresh my memory. Haha :)
    I also try to keep any re-reading that I want to do until the end of the year, so I can finish my Good Reads challenge without re-reads thrown in the mix. :D

  5. Anastasia1:58 pm

    I know what you mean. Whenever I really love a book my first instinct is always to try and find books that are similar to it before I even think about re-reading it!

  6. Anastasia2:00 pm

    Isn't Avalon High just the most re-readable book? I totally agree with you, it doesn't matter how many times I re-read something like the Harry Potter books, every time I do I find new things that I've never caught before, or just find myself reacting to things differently because I'm different now.

  7. Anastasia2:01 pm

    It's such a pain, isn't it? I'm trying to re-read more books this year but I just can't get all of those unread books out of my mind!

  8. Anastasia2:06 pm

    It is definitely true that your view of characters and the plot changes at different points of your life. For example, I'm pretty sure I did not think of Harry Potter and his friends as tiny children who needed to be protected at all costs when I was a child myself haha.

  9. Anastasia2:08 pm

    I am so glad to hear that I am not the only person who finds Avalon High so totally re-readable! I always forget to re-read books before the sequels come out and then I get so confused while I'm reading the new books. Your way is definitely better!


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