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More Than This | Patrick Ness | Review

This was the first book I read this year and what a way to start 2014!

More Than This is about a boy who drowns in a horrible sea. The waters are crashing all around him and its a horrible fight to survive. Eventually the boy drowns and all is black.

But then the boy wakes to a strange and deserted land. He is thirsty and bruised, but he is alive! The boy wonders how this is possible. He just died! This strange beginning starts a story which is so filled with twists and turns you'll not believe what is coming next.

I had read the Chaos Walking Series which was a brilliant series by Patrick Ness so when I heard of More Than This, I was quite excited to read it. I got the book for Christmas and within one whole week I had read the whole thing which is a quick time for me!

I loved the story of More Than This. At first it talks about this boy and then as you read along there are so many interesting plot developments which had me gripped and as we read a bit more on the actual book, there are flashbacks to this boy's life before he "died" and I found it really interesting and wanted to read more to get to another flashback just to piece together the reason for why he died. I don't want to give any more away because then I'd be spoiling it for all of you.

The way the book ended though was really good. It kind of makes you think that it could lead to another book which I would like. Although it could just be a cliffhanger for a standalone novel which I don't mind either.

I loved this book so much that I went and got it for my friend's birthday. Before that month was over, she had read the whole thing and said she loved it just as much as I did!!! I admit while I've been reviewing it here, I've been thinking of already rereading the story.

So this book gets a five star rating. I would recommend this book to anybody because it is an amazing story! Thank you for reading!

This book was reviewed by regular reviewer Lucy, get to know more about her here!

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