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Wedding Night | Sophia Kinsella | Review

Lottie has been desperately waiting for her perfect boyfriend Richard to pop the question, hints have been dropped, a restaurant has been booked and a ring has been bought (by her... not him). The night however does not go as planned, the night ends in a disastrous break up instead of wedding bells. Lottie is known for making rash decisions when her relationships end but luckily her sister Fliss is around to keep her on the right path...

I had been looking forward to this book for so long ever since I wrote my rave review of Kinsella's previous book I've got your number. Finally it reached the top of my to read pile and I was excited to begin reading it.  Sadly by the time I got to around 100 pages in the excitement has dwindled and passed and I reverted to skimming the lines rather than taking in any kind of detail from the book.

We are introduced to the character of Lottie who I did really like as a character, I think we all have that one friend who goes to the extreme when there's a break-up whether that's an extreme hair cut, tattoo or quitting a job. Lottie is one of those friends which makes her likable. The other main character through this book is her sister Fliss, now this is where my problem started, I don't like Fliss. She is annoying, controlling and the kind of friend you ditch for taking over your life. She was the first issue I had with this book.

The plot in itself has potential but actually didn't really get going, I wanted a spark, some romance, humour and something to keep me wanting to read more but it just didn't. I kept going through a sense of desperation, I wanted it to pick up, I wanted it to work, I wanted to like the book so much but I just didn't.

In the end of skimmed through most of the chapters from Fliss' viewpoint and read in slightly more detail Lottie's chapters and eventually I got to the end and was excited to move on to my next book!

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