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Book Club | December 2020 Roundup

The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater

"I was initially drawn to The 57 Bus as I hadn't seen/read that many YA Non-Fiction titles before. Due to the nature of the story there were many parts of the book that were tough to read, partciularly knowing that it was based on a real event taking place in California just a few years ago. Whilst the writing style wasn't 100% to my reading taste I found the book to be informative and appreciated that the author chose to highlight issues affecting many young people by sharing the two teenagers story in this way." - Erin


The Crossover (graphic novel) by Kwame Alexander and Dawud Anyabwile

"The illustrations in The Crossover are brilliant and I love the style of them. They’re black and white and orange, and it’s such a great way to portray the characters in this basketball-heavy graphic novel.

Overall, The Crossover was a good story and the illustrations really added to the whole feel of the book. Would I read it again? Probably not, no, but I did really enjoy it."

You can read Anjali's full review of The Crossover over on This Splendid Shambles.

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