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Features | February Reads

Let's pretend I'm not sharing this roundup a few weeks late... Similarly to January, February was another good reading month with 10 more titles crossed off my TBR, including seven 4-star ratings. So far 2020 has been pretty kind to me reading-wise!

Several of the books I picked up in February have received a lot of praise in the blogging and bookstagram communities over the last few months, including The Silent Patient (Alex Michaelides), Such A Fun Age (Kiley Reid) and American Royals (Katharine McGee) - all of which I'm glad I read. American Royals was defintiely the biggest surprise of the month as it's not really a title I would usually have gone for but I just couldn't honestly rate it less than 4 stars as it was such an entertaining book. I think the fact I opted for the audiobook format really helped too!

I also thoroughly enjoyed my February book club selection for 'a book with a tree or leaf on the cover' which was A Place For Us (Fatima Farheen Mirza) and would definitely recommend picking up a copy.

As you can see from this month's roundup above, another favourite from February was The Interestings (Meg Wolitzer). I also gave 4-star ratings to On The Come Up (Angie Thomas) and the audiobook versions of Harry Potter; both The Chamber Of Secrets and The Goblet Of Fire.

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