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BB Book Club | September 2018 Roundup | The White Book

This year we decided to launch our very own online book club, with a new book for you to join us in reading every month. Our September pick, The White Book (Han Kang), was chosen by Ria and was a completely different read from anything the book club has seen before. Here's our September infographic to tell you a little bit more...

book club the white book hang kang

Reader's comments & favourite quotes:

The only things which the mind cannot examine are memories of the future.

"Very interesting so far with an unconventional structure, each chapter focusing on a white object connected to the death of the author's sister. Think it will certainly be one that will stand out in my memory." - @RebeccaFwrites

On cold mornings, that first white cloud of escaping breath is proof that we are living.

"Whilst the book starts out with a simple list of white things it quickly begins to take on some very difficult topics, exploring them in a really unique and interesting way." - Erin @ A Natural Detour

It is not true that everything is coloured by time and suffering. It is not true that they bring everything to ruin.

Thank you to everyone who read along with us this month! If you would like to get involved with next month's BB Book Club check back here for our very special October selection.

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