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Features | 6 Series I Own But Haven't Read

If you're anything like me then buying books is not something that happens every so often, once in a while, maybe on your birthday. It's a regular occurrence; whether you've put a book-buying-ban on yourself is irrelevant.

One of the book-related purchases that gives me the greatest joy is having a complete series, especially if they all so beautifully match. It's common practice for me to see a book that has been on my TBR list for a while and pick it up with the full intent to read said book in the coming weeks. Most of the time that happens, and life is good. But sometimes ... sometimes I don't get round to it. And then comes that moment when I see book 2 and/or 3 in a shop somewhere, or it's on a sale table, at a second-hand store, and I pick it up because, hey! I've got the first one at home, better have the second one lined up ready to go!

It came to my attention recently that I have quite a few full series of books that I had every intention of reading at some stage, still sitting (beautifully, I might add) on my bookshelves. Have I read book one? No. Do I want to? Yes, I probably do. Have I even thought about those books in the last year? Unlikely.

So today I thought it would be fun to take a look at six of the series that I own in full but I still haven't read. If any of these are some of your favourites, you might be able to twist my arm and I'll bump the first book up the TBR pile.

The Naughts and Crosses series, by Malorie Blackman

The first in this series, Naughts and Crosses, was published back in 2001, but it wasn't on my radar until I worked in Waterstones bookstore in England in 2014. One of the people who worked at Waterstones told me about them, so it was added to my list of books to check out. I found them, years later back in New Zealand, on sale (buy 1 get one half price), so I promptly bought all four books. Have I read them? No, I have not.

The Bartimaeus series, by Jonathan Stroud

This is one of those series that has been popping up most of my life. The first book, The Amulet of Samarkand, was published in 2003 which is when I probably saw it for the first time. Since then I've has numerous people recommend it to me, and have slowly collected all three books in the series with the full intention of reading them someday.

The His Dark Materials series, by Philip Pullman

I know, I know! It's ridiculous that I haven't read this series; I would say the majority of book-lovers I would have read this series at least once. I haven't even seen the movie adaptation. Eek! So so bad of me. But one day [she says with determination]! Once of the reasons I probably haven't actually started this series is becuase I feel like it's a little too far gone. The first, The Golden Compass/Northern Lights was released in 1996!

The Half Bad series, by Sally Green

This is one of the few series I have where every single book is fro a different publisher. And I hate it! But when you're scoring books for super cheap in second-hand stores, you can't be too picky. I've heard great things about this series, and have recently bought another Sally Green book, so I need to get on it!

The Silo series, by High Howey

This was confusing to find what the series was actually called. Howey has a bunch of sub-series connected to this one, so I'm 90% sure this the right title, however if you think otherwise, please let me know. Someone in England recommended these books to me when I lived there, and so I bought two in a sale, and found the third when I returned home to New Zealand. And no, I have not read them yet.

The Old Kingdom Chronicles/Abhorsen series, by Garth Nix

Crammed into one mega volume, my copy of the Old Kingdom Chronicles is huge. A literal doorstop. Another one which I have heard good things about. What's stopping me reading this is the sheer size of my copy. Can you imagine trying to haul around a book with three books inside!? Nightmare.

Are there series which you own all of (or the majority of) that you still haven't read? Let us know! 

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