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Bone Surfers | David Massey | Review

It's time for a very belated book review! I was gifted Bone Surfers quite a while ago but have only just gotten round to reading it because it isn't my usual cup of tea. I'm glad that I picked it up when the mood for something creepy struck though as it was wonderfully unsettling...

Bone Surfers is set in Paris with frequent trips to the depths of the catacombs underneath the city. If that setting along wasn't creepy enough, Fellin's visit to the city seems to have coincided with some grisly deaths.

It wasn't what she was expecting to happen when she headed to France on an exchange trip. The plan had been to improve her grasp of the language and discover a little more about her heritage. Instead, she finds herself caught up in murder investigations and facing dangers that she had never anticipated.

I'm not usually a crime or thriller reader but this was a brilliantly original plot that had me hooked. I loved the references to France's history and gothic literature that were woven through the text. It made Bone Surfers incredibly rich and detailed. I did wince at some of the attempted humour (especially those around having to learn to be 'a girl' just because a character previously chose not to wear makeup) but I was impressed by how well thought out the rest of the plot was. I even thought I might have figured it out at one point only to be proven wrong as the various threads of the novel began to come together.

Straying from my usual genres seems to have worked in my favour here and I enjoyed reading something a little bit different! Perhaps I'll feel the need for some more creepy and grisly books soon, especially with October lurking just around the corner...

Kelly x

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