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BB Book Club | August 2018 Roundup | Travelling In The Dark

This year we decided to launch our very own online book club, with a new book for you to join us in reading every month. Our August title was Travelling In The Dark, a contemporary novella from the new Fairlight Moderns collection which was chosen by Erin. Here's our August infographic to tell you a little bit more...

book club travelling in the dark emma timpany

Reader's comments & favourite quotes:

"At first I found [the fact that the child's name is not used] a little distracting but quickly got used to this character being referred to as 'the child' rather than by his name. I liked that the name was revealed near the end of the story, although I had correctly guessed it."

The snow fields that peculiar unearthly white, except where rock falls track across their faces like trails of dirty tears. 

"I found this book captivating, with such interesting themes. You really did feel as though you were making the journey through Sarah’s past."

Twenty-two penguins. More than the Belgians.

Thank you to everyone who read along with us this month! If you would like to get involved with next month's BB Book Club check back here tomorrow where Ria will be introducing her selection for September.

You can also sign up to our mailing list to make sure you don't miss out on any future book club updates!


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