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Goodbye Days | Jeff Zentner | Review

Sometimes you just know that a book is going to break your heart.

Sometimes you go ahead and read it anyway.

Goodbye Days is that kind of book. The novel starts when Carver is left reeling after the death of his three best friends. A series of deaths that he might have caused. He didn’t mean to of course, but he was texting his friends near to the time of the accident that killed them...

He’s not the only one who thinks he might be guilty either. Some of his friends’ family members certainly do and, worst of all, there might even be a criminal investigation into the accident. How can Carver even begin to heal when he is stuck in that moment over and over again? And then his friend’s grandmother asks him for a goodbye day: a chance to say goodbye to Blake, her grandson with Carver at her side.

If you couldn’t tell from that brief summary, this book is intense. In the best possible way, it breaks your heart over and over again. I was even crying in the car home while I read it (don’t worry I wasn’t driving). But it also pieces it together again with little snippets of loveliness that you will treasure.

Goodbye Days is definitely hard to read in places but it is also utterly beautiful. I would definitely recommend reading it - just keep some tissues on hand!


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