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Bookish Links #29

Another month, another list of Bookish Links! Here's some of the articles we've been enjoying lately...

1. Writing A Novel - we're kicking off this month's list with a link to BB writer Anastasia's new blog featuring following the process of penning her very own novel. Head on over to her blog to find out more!

2. Book Club Alert! - Belletrist is a brand new online book club created by actress Emma Roberts and producer friend Karah Preiss. Their first book club pick is Joan Didion's South & West and you can find out more about why Emma chose this title over on their website.

3. New Parent? - if you're struggling to balance your ever-growing TBR pile with life as a parent Heather has some great tips in this recent video.

4. Reads For 20-Somethings - Nylon shared a list of thirty-two books they believe every woman should read in their twenties. Do you agree with their choices, or would you add any different titles to the list?

5. A Trip Back In Time - in this post Jenna talks about why she loves Historical Fiction and includes some of her top recommendations

6. Music & Books - we really enjoyed Maha's interesting thoughts on how books are just like songs!

7. In Need Of A Break? - this Buzzfeed article shares 18 Airbnbs that are perfect for book lovers! Which book-filled getaway is your favourite?

8. Read, Review, Repeat - over on her personal blog BB writer Anjali recently talked about reviewing books. Do you like to review everything you read? Let us know!

9. Series Love - in this post Anisha shares a list of popular series she wants to read. Which ones would make your list? Let us know in the comments!

10. Speaking Up - our final link of the roundup is from Hazel who shared her inspiring personal experience, discussing how YA title The Upside Of Unrequited helped her to stand up to body shamers.

If you've read or written an interesting bookish article you think our readers would enjoy please let us know - it may be featured in a future post!   

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