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Group Collaboration | Nightmare Moments

It's time for another collaborative post here at BB and in celebration of Halloween, this month's topic is Nightmare Moments! We asked our writers and readers to let us know which scenes from books left them sleeping with the lights on.

A quick note - there are some SPOILERS below, so please proceed with caution! 
Books included in the post are as follows: Necrotech, Before I Go To Sleep, Shadow & Bone, Matilda, Helter Skelter, World War Z.

rachel 1 october

ria 1 october

rachel 1 october

allison 1 october

cat 1 october

anjali 1 october

Which book scenes would make your list? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @blog_bookshelf!

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Thank you to all of this month's contributors: Rachel, Anjali, Ria, Cat, Allison

In next month's group post we'll be tackling the topic of reading slumps! Let us know your top tips for dealing with the dreaded reading slump by email or tweet us (@blog_bookshelf) before November 17th to be featured in the post! 


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